Online Academy: Innovative pedagogical practices for teacher teams

Online course – IT-Pedagogical Think Tank

What can you learn?

  • Do you want it to be easier for you to use different types of technology in your teaching?
  • Would you like new tools that enables you to discuss innovative pedagogy and teaching practices in your teacher team?
  • Would you like it to be easy to create structured development of your good ideas, and get ideas for how you can create a common idea bank in your school?
  • Do you want to meet online and participate in 6 x 2 hours of teaching, discussion, development and subsequently have the tools to renew your own and the school’s teaching approach?

IT-Pedagogical Think Tank

Digital and creative learning lab offers a new collaborative method: IT-pedagogical think tank, which focuses in particular on innovative pedagogical approaches for how you can work together in your teacher team to create new ways of using learning technology.

In IT- Pedagogical Think Tank, you are taught to master methods and structures to innovate your teaching practice in teacher teams. You will get the tools and methods in order for you to create innovation and change your teaching practice. This will make it possible for you to create new motivating ways to teach and learn, with the aim that your students will become more motivated and committed students who, for the same reason, will learn more.

A traditional learning technology course? – No!

Unlike more traditional learning technology courses, where you learn to apply a specific technology, this course is based on the individual teacher’s wishes and needs regarding the development of own teaching when it comes to the use of learning technology.

The goal is that the method is implemented in your own practice when the course is over and that you have the tools to “do it yourself” when the course ends.

Does it work?

The method is developed in a PhD project in collaboration with teachers. Teachers from this project worked in a learning technology-heavy learning environment and they developed abilities to continuously renew their teaching, with this new structured form of collaboration. They also came up with new creative and interesting methods of teaching, which motivated their students to learn. See the quotes below.

How can I participate?


The teaching takes place online, over video conferencing. You attend a team with other teachers. We meet in 6 sessions of 2 hours, and you should expect to work 1-2 hours between each teaching session. Teaching materials will be available on an online platform.

Each time we meet online over video conference. Therefore, there is no transport time and you can attend if you have a computer / PC or tablet and a good internet connection

Teaching alternates between online meetings and tasks solved at home.

The online lessons have a duration of 1.5 hours and you should expect to have approx. 1/2-1 hours of preparation for each meeting, with set deadlines for the assignments.

The course is structured so that the first lesson is solved asynchronously. You work on your own with the assignment you are given access to.

The next 6 lessons take place every 2nd week over video conference.

After this, the class will meet again after 3 months, so you have time to start working on your newly developed way of working in your team, and can get further support and inspiration.

Finally, we meet for a follow-up lesson with the class after 1/2 year, where we evaluate and discuss your future plans for your new way of working.


  • You will have access the course homepage at the beginning of the course. On the course homepage, you will then continuously access new materials in the form of texts and videos, activities and exercises, and additional resources for inspiration.
  • Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate.


  • Receive teaching and guidance from an expert and join a learning community that provides feedback and shares experiences and resources.

Course Overview

Efficient team collaboration for educators is about much more than entering into practical appointments or being effective. The complex challenges that a teacher faces in his or her daily life require continuous competence development.

As a teacher and teaching team, one must constantly navigate between the many challenges, including the use of learning technology.

This requires new ways of working together.

Ways of collaborating where you can utilize the teacher team’s different ways of seeing things, work with the team’s strengths, and create a shared creative mindset.

When you apply the collaborative methods that you are introduced to in the course, you and your teaching team will have new opportunities to not only choose the traditional solutions, but instead help develop innovative and motivational teaching and learning processes for your students.

In this course, you will gain the knowledge, skills and techniques you need to create innovative pedagogical team collaboration and thus unleash the potential of a teacher team.

You learn about methods and techniques so that you, joint in the teacher team, can guide each other through uncertainty and towards new opportunities by creating spaces for co-innovation, where you can share and develop ideas, create new concepts, and test and evaluate new ways to teach in a safe space.

This course will help you to:

  • Gain new knowledge and discuss: didactics/learning design, pedagogically innovative processes, team collaboration and technological literacy.
  • To work structured with pedagogical and learning technological challenges from your own practice
  • To develop a learning design for an innovative educational team that can be tested in practice
  • To be the guide for innovative pedagogical team processes
  • To develop strategies for how management can support team collaboration
  • The goal is to create motivational and effective teaching – both for you as a teacher and for your students / students


The target group is teachers and IT educational staff from educational institutions working with technology as part of daily practice. Former students have for example worked in primary schools, upper secondary schools, highschools, vocational schools, university colleges or private schools.

When can I start?

Flexible start: We have online courses starting every second month.

Are you interested? Contact me by mail or by using the contact form.

Teachers and School managers say:

The innovative educational team occupies the galaxy ”. IT educational think tank can be used for everything: The competencies you have developed can continue to grow, and can be used for everything possible. The only obstacle is that we have 24 hours a day and that you also have to teach […]. The skills you have developed will go a long way into the many tasks we have as part of our focus areas in our teaching strategies. You have come up with new suggestions for just about everything! ”(Daily manager of educational department at VUC Storstrøm, Denmark)

If our school wants to be one of the best education centers in the country, this is definitely a way to do it. – But it also requires management’s support. (Teacher trained according to the innovative educational team method).

IT-Pedagogical Think Tank (CL.Weitze)
IT-Pædagogisk Tænketank (CL.Weitze)