For teachers

Digital and Creative Learning Lab organizes courses and workshops for teachers, with a focus on motivating and engaging use of learning technology.

Thematic areas:

Course: – Innovative pedagogical practices for teacher teams

Digital and Creative Learning Lab helps educators and educational institutions to develop new approaches to use of technology in teaching and learning situations. It must be motivating for both teachers and students to work with learning technology. This is possible if you choose to develop new methods for collaboration in teacher teams, and together create innovative pedagogical practices for the use of learning technology. See more about the courses here.

Workshops: Technology-learning-design and games for learning

Digital and Creative Learning Lab organizes workshops that helps teachers to develop new knowledge about and attitude towards: what is “good use” of technology in education? Read more about the workshops here.

2-hour workshop: Create an academic learning game and play it!

Digital and Creative Learning Lab organizes workshops, where teachers are working to develop learning games. Developing subject specific learning game is a teaching method that can be very motivating and simultaneously can provide students with deep academic learning.

Create a concept for a learning game and play it! In this workshop you get a brief introduction to how students can learn about academic topics through game development and how games can be an active way of learning. You are guided through a process where you end up designing a playable prototype of a learning game. See more about learning game workshops here.