Welcome to Digital and Creative Learning Lab!

Charlotte Lærke Weitze is founder and CEO of Digital and Creative Learning Lab. The Lab provides solutions based on learning and technology. Focus is a research-based, innovative and creative approach to working with learning and technology.

The core service of Digital and Creative Learning Lab is to help teachers and businesses create teaching and communication processes through technology, with the aim of your students and clients learn in an effective and motivating way.

Digital and Creative Learning Lab’s passion is to create relevant and effective collaborations, based on you as a customer / user. Digital and Creative Learning Lab works from a problem-based approach and in each collaboration guidance, teaching and advice are tailored to the individual customer / user.

Digital and Creative Learning Lab is led by Charlotte Lærke Weitze. Please contact Charlotte, for an informal talk about your wishes for creative digital learning processes! Contact

Based on the user

Digital and Creative Learning Lab works based on the customer / user’s context, problems and wishes for the future. Therefore, you will always be asked to focus on and work with your own focus areas, to become better acquainted with them and to develop them further from the current starting point. The theory and methods you are introduced to will always be put into play in relation to your own focus areas, so that they make sense and give you new tools to understand and develop what you have chosen to work with.

Online education

Digital and Creative Learning Lab offers online training and guidance, giving you flexibility in relation., where you can participate from. Online education takes place over video conferencing, and requires that you have access to a computer or iPad to participate. If you have not tried it before, you’ll get instructions on how to participate.

About Charlotte Lærke Weitze

I am founder and owner of Digital and Creative Learning Lab. My professional background is that I have been working with learning and technology for almost 10 years now, and I have written a PhD in this field. Until November 1, 2018, I worked as an assistant professor of learning and technology at DTU – Technical University of Denmark, and before that I worked as an assistant professor of IT and Learning Design at Aalborg University in Copenhagen.

In my PhD project, I collaborated with teachers to create new, more effective and motivating methods for teacher teams in order for them to apply technology into their teaching processes.

Why Digital and Creative Learning Lab?

I have chosen to start Digital and Creative Learning Lab, because I through my research projects learned that there is a need for qualified advice and guidance in order to create effective and motivating use and development of technology in learning contexts. This applies in the field of education, but also in a business context.